Friday, May 21, 2010

Home Remedies for Acid Reflux - Effective Natural Treatment

Usually the acid reflux is related with the problem of acidic pain, heart burn and heartache. There is 80% of alkali and 20% of acid in our blood and when the percentage of the acid which is present in our blood increases then it affects our digestive system and results into the ailment of acidity.

In the acid reflux, the acid present in the stomach travels to the throat with the help of the saliva and gives the burning sensation and sourness in the stomach. Usually patients demand for the treatment of acid reflux when he or she feels heart burn and also the sourness comes to the throat.

Some other problem like loss of appetite, dyspepsia and indigestion is also having the same symptoms. So it is necessary to first differentiate between the two problems. Acidity is usually caused by taking improper and heavy diet. In this condition the use of alkali food is beneficial.

Some of the major symptoms of the acid reflux include burning in the throat and chest after meals, vomiting of sour undigested food, constipation, sickness of stomach, stomachache etc. But its important symptoms are mainly sour vomit, feeling of sour water in the mouth and burning in the chest.

The patient of the acid reflux should be very particular and careful about their diet. You can watch yourself that which kind of food suits you well. Restrict the intake of liquids except milk. Milk is very helpful and it must be taken frequently. You must not take pickles and tea as it is very harmful for the patients of acid reflux.

The problem of acid reflux can be treated with the help of home remedies also. Some of the popular and effective home remedies for treating acid reflux.

1. Patient must avoid drinking tea as it is very harmful.

2. Carrot is very beneficial for the patients of acid reflux. It helps in curing acidosis.

3. Banana is very effective in treating acid reflux. You can take banana with sugar and cardamom powder.

4. Petha is also very effective in treating acid reflux. If the patients of acid reflux make a habit to take at least two pieces of petha regularly then the problem of acid reflux will be completely cured.

5. Make a habit to eat clove in the morning and evening after the meals regularly. It is a beneficial remedy to cure acid reflux.

6. Radish juice mixed with sugar candy is beneficial in treating acid reflux.

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Natural Cures for Constipation, Herbal Treatment to Cure Constipation

Constipation is a problem which is to be faced by every people in one or more times in their life. When we are not clean form inside we don't feel good. Having daily motions is a key for a good health. The first thing which must be performed by every one of us is to going for motion every day in the morning. But many people are unable to do these things regularly or we can say that they may be suffering from constipation.

For cleaning up of the system there are many solutions which are recommended like detox treatments. In order to relieve yourself daily you have to change your lifestyle. Problem is getting worse day by day by the intake of low high protein diet. For severe condition of the constipation you have to take some medical help but for mild condition of constipation you don’t have to worry more. It can be cured easily.

Problem of constipation can be treated by the help of home remedies also. Some of the popular home remedies for treating constipation:

1. Intake of plenty water or fruit juices are very effective for treating the problem of constipation. There is no hard and fast rule for treating this problem. It also depends on the life style, surrounding temperature and weight of the body. But in general you can say that drinking of 6-8 glasses of water is essential for treating constipation or you may drink as much as you can.

2. Eating fibers in a natural way is very effective for treating constipation. Most of the fruits and the vegetables are rich in fiber and this is very beneficial for treating constipation. According to the guideline of FDA, constipation can be reduced by taking five portions a day. Some beans, leafy veggies, oranges, apples and bananas are very effective for treating constipation as they contain a lot of fiber.

3. To eliminate constipation you must consume whole grains. Insoluble fibers are very effective for treating constipation.

4. Consumption of antacid must be reduced. Redesign your diet in such a way that you should not suffer the problem of heart burn or acidity.

5. Some natural herbs are also responsible to cure constipation. You can take herb or supplement to reduce the problem of constipation. The popular herbs which are responsible for reducing the problem of constipation are ginger and dandelion root.

6. Doing regular physical exercises are also very effective in treating the problem of constipation.

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