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Remedies For Ringworm

Ringworm is a contagious fungal infection caused by dermatophytes. Ringworm is a common infection being seen in more than 20 percent of the humans. It appears as round or oval red patches that cause itchiness and pain. In the initial phase, ringworm looks like a pimple. After a short period from its occurrence the ringworm expands and the center of the sore becomes clear. If the infected zone is scratched the risk of infecting other parts of the body increases. This is possible with the help of the nails. Even if treatment is not always necessary it is recommended to see a doctor because the infection might get chronic.

There are many types of ringworm such as scalp ringworm, body ringworm, feet ringworm and nail ringworm. The scalp infection is usually seen in children because of the lack of protective fatty acids in their scalp. This infection spreads on the skin and affects the hair too. The affected hair becomes dull and breaks leading to temporary baldness.

Ringworm spreads trough direct or indirect contact with an infected person or animal. Sometimes ringworm may develop after soil touch. It is also true that these cases are rare.

Many ways of treating ringworm are known. Medical treatment is usually prescribed but home remedies might help as much as medicines.

Papaya is one fruit that has benefic effects over the ringworm patches. Slices of this fruit applied on the infection are believed to be helpful. Also helpful is believed to be the treatment with butea seeds. A paste of these seeds mixed with lime juice has to be applied on the patches. Useful in reducing the irritation are the cassia leaves. These leaves are also used to ease swellings and pains. Other leaves might help too. The juice extracted from the holy basil leaves applied over the infected area might also help. The juice of turmeric is very effective too. This juice is helpful after oral administration that consists of a cup of turmeric juice mixed with an equal quantity of honey.

Vegetable juice is helpful. A mixture of carrot juice and spinach juice proved to be efficient in treating ringworm.

A special diet is recommended for ringworm. The patient should take plenty of fruits for at least five days. This all fruit diet guarantees that infections will be eliminated and a substantial improvement will be visible. Patients should also avoid tea, coffee and spicy foods.

Fresh air and plenty of water drinking along with warm water enema are recommended.

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