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Home Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel syndrome is a common problem with the intestines. Doctor will likely to start listing a bunch of medications you can take to help control Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), when you visit your doctor to talk about it.

However, you may want to seek out other therapy options, if you don't feel comfortable taking medication daily. You have the control over your Irritable bowel syndrome and ultimately make all decisions about what treatment you need.

The great thing is that whether you are on medication or not, there are several things you can do at home to help with irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

You might want to think about hypnosis for your IBS symptoms, if you are more into alternative medicine and other more natural treatments. There are usually three types of people when it comes to hypnosis: those that don't believe in it at all, those that love it, and those that have never tried it.

However, you too might see the positive effects it can have on your mind and body, once you try hypnosis. When it comes to how hypnosis relates to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the answer lies in the patient's stress level.

Hypnosis works to lessen overall stress and when it is effective in doing so, irritable bowel syndrome patients will experience fewer IBS symptoms. Mainly, a hypnotist can help get you to a deep relaxed state where you can learn to endorse positive thoughts about your overall health.

There are ways to practice this at home as well. You can learn to use self-hypnotherapy while you are on your own at home, or in between hypnosis treatments.

Basically, irritable bowel treatment hypnosis is much like a deep meditation. You will have less stress and will be able to cope with IBS much easier, if you take the time to work on your mind as well as your body.

You probably understand already why people are drawn to it, if you have ever tried yoga. It is not only a way to get in shape, but also a way to unwind and clear your mind of stress. It is very effective in helping with irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

The idea of yoga deals with the body and the mind, which is what an IBS sufferer needs to focus on. There are many yoga positions that are specifically designed to help promote better digestion and to ease digestive symptoms.

You can do yoga in the comfort of your own home. Get a DVD with basic yoga moves on it and get started right away!


For an IBS syndrome sufferer, exercise is important for a variety of reasons. First, exercise generally makes your body stronger. It is usually a good idea to be on a regular exercise program, no matter what disease or disorder you might be suffering from.

Exercise boosts the immune system, making other diseases and disorders less likely to occur.

Second, exercise is an excellent stress-reliever. Some medical practitioners believe that IBS syndrome has psychological roots. This means that IBS syndrome might have its beginnings in a mental state.

A highly-stressed mind is prone to mental problems; mental problems lead to physical problems. IBS syndrome symptoms have often been observed to occur when a person is under unusual amounts of stress.

So it has not been proved that stress is a cause of IBS syndrome, but it certainly worsens the situation. Every effort to reduce undue stress must be made. Exercising is one of the best ways to do this.

Good Sleep Habits

One of the biggest factors in your overall Irritable Bowel Syndrome treatment is getting enough sleep. Studies show that Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers who don't get at least 8 hours of sleep a night have a higher frequency of symptoms.

So this home treatment is very inexpensive, but it can be difficult when you are on a set schedule. Just try to get yourself into the bed fifteen to thirty minutes earlier each night. Before you know it, you will work yourself up to getting those 8 hours you need, without feeling like you are missing out on anything.

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5 Simple And Effective Gout Home Treatment Ideas

Gout home treatment may be another alternative remedy you can use instead of, or as a compliment to tissue salts. There are different home remedies that can help treat gout, and many of them are practical treatments that are easy to use and follow.

Here are 5 gout home treatment options you can consider:

1. Low-purine diet – One of the best natural gout treatments you can follow is to control your diet by eliminating foods that are high in purines, which are known to trigger and worsen attacks of gout. In fact, it is estimated that half of uric acid produced by the body is a result of purine rich foods consumed in the diet.

Studies have found that by following a low purine diet that focuses on eliminating high purine foods (I.E. organ meats, wild game, meat extract, gravies, sardines, anchiovies, scallops, mackerel, sweetbreads, etc.), and encourages vegetable protein, dairy products and increased water intake, can effectively decrease and prevent sudden painful gout attacks.

Keep in mind that some foods high in purines contain certain essential nutrients your body requires such as protein. Therefore, you will need to ensure you replace them so your body is receiving adequate nutrients to stay healthy. Speak to your doctor or dietitian about what foods contain the nutrients you need and are safe for your condition. You may also want to consider taking a multivitamin.

2. Water – Believe it or not, but water is actually an excellent gout home treatment. Not only is water safe to drink and side-effect free, but drinking plenty of it daily aids in proper digestion and will actually help you flush excess uric acid out of your system. Furthermore, drinking plenty of water can help prevent kidney stones and help those suffering from an uncomplicated case of stones pass them.

It is important to lower your intake of beverages that cause dehydration such as alcoholic and caffeinated drinks (I.E. soda, coffee, tea). Stick to hydrating beverages including water (8 – 10 glasses daily), herbal tea and fruit juice.

3. Cherries or cherry juice – Cherries are an effective gout home treatment. Cherries, in all their forms (I.E. Fruit –canned, dried, fresh, black, red sour and sweet yellow cherries or cherry juice), have been found to prevent gout attacks and help alleviate inflammation during an attack.

If using cherries as a natural remedy for gout, here are some guidelines:
Cherry fruit – eat at least 10 cherries and no more than half a pound daily...or
Cherry juice – 1 6 oz glass of cherry juice 1-2 times daily.

Note: Although cherries have no known side effects, eating too much of one food can cause stomach distress (I.E. constipation, diarrhea, etc.). Therefore, while you should keep the above guidelines in mind and not exceed them, you should ingest the amount your body is comfortable with.

4. Charcoal poultice - Charcoal poultice is a gout home treatment remedy that reduces inflammation. It is created by mixing half a cup of activated powdered charcoal with 3-7 tbs. of grounded flaxseed. When the mixture becomes mealy, warm water is then added to turn it into paste. The paste (charcoal poultice) is placed on the inflamed joint and covered with a plastic or cloth dressing. Dressings should be changed approximately every 4 hours and can be left on over night.

Be advised, charcoal poultice will stain virtually any fabric it touches. Check online or at your local nutritional store for active charcoal powder.

5. Rest and Relaxation – Resting a gout-inflamed joint is a mandatory home gout treatment if you want the joint to heal faster. Keep the affected joint elevated and stay off it as much as you can so you don’t aggravate the inflammation further. In addition, make sure you keep the joint warm or cool – whatever makes it feel most comfortable and less tense to reduce joint stress.

Although most gout home treatment remedies are safe and effective, they shouldn’t replace your doctor’s advice. Make sure you consult your doctor first before staring any gout treatment plan.

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