Saturday, September 22, 2007

How to Get Rid of Yeast Infection?

Yeast infections are most common to women. This yeast infection is also known as “Candidiasis”. It is a fungal infection that is usually found in exposed parts of the body. This common parts of a body that is always being infected by Yeast infection are: the oral cavity or oral thrush, the vagina or the vaginal candiddiasis and the skin that is being folded in the diaper area.

An indication of having a yeast infection is when you have severe burns, itch and soreness of a body affected. Infection will also arise if you have a sudden irritation on your vagina and a whitish discharge that smells like a beer.

Yeast may also be infected through males especially if you they are not cirumcized. Below are the few things to remember to prevent this kind of infection:

Well balanced diet. It is very important not to skip meals. You should eat at least three times a day. Best food to fight against yeast infection are honey, sugar, chicken, vegetables, fish, beef, nut and eggs. Also, drinking alcohol and milk will causes you yeast infection.

Avoid foods that have or contain yeast. Some examples of foods that contain yeast are cheese, breads, peanuts and melons. Fiber would help you not to be prone with yeast infection. Therefore, you may want to take at least one tablespoon of soluble fiber to avoid yeast infection. Now that you know and understand there are steps to you can take to cure yeast infection, it is important that you take these suggestions on board and stop yeast infections from reoccurring.

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