Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Arthritis Natural Home Remedies That You Ought to Know

There are thousands of people, if not millions suffering with the crippling condition that is arthritis. There are various types of medication one can take to relieve the pain or to even cure the condition. However in recent years many have steered towards more natural arthritis pain relief, opting to try treatments such as, cod liver oil, vinegar and much more. Here are a variety of different ways one could attempt to relieve arthritis pain, using natural methods.

Hot Vinegar

Vinegar has many beneficial properties, it has been used for centuries as a pain killer, antiseptic, and it has even been used as a natural cleaning product. When using for natural arthritis pain relief, pour 4 tablespoons in a bowl of boiling water. Make a hot compress with a soft cloth or flannel, place the compress on the effected areas and leave there for a 5-10 minutes. This should give you some temporary pain relief. This treatment is best carried out before going to bed.

As well as using the usual variety of malt vinegar you can also try apple cider vinegar. With this you have to add 2 teaspoons to a glass of hot water, plus 2 teaspoons of honey. Once you have done this, drink it followed by a glass of plain warm water. You can do this 2 or 3 times a day. This is also known to bring temporary pain relief.

Epsom Salt

This is a very common form of natural arthritis pain relief, the method is simple but you should get some very good results. Run yourself a bath, as you normally would, add 5 or 6 handfuls of Epsom salt and allow it to dissolve into the water. Soak in the bath for half an hour or more, you can do this morning and night. This should give you some pain relief as it helps lubricate the joints. It also acts an anti inflammatory.


Garlic is one of the most powerful natural remedies, it can be taken in various forms, however these are just a couple of ways you could use it for natural arthritis pain relief.


Cut 5 or 6 cloves of garlic into small pieces, and mix with 2 or 3 teaspoons of warm water. Take a piece of muslin or cheesecloth and place the mixture inside it. Wrap it up with some string or an old piece of fabric. Make sure it is really tight so none of the garlic can seep out. You can then proceed to put the compress into the microwave. Heat it up for about 30 seconds, once it is done place the compress on the effected areas.

Garlic shot

You can make a small garlic shot, which is very effective when it comes to short term relief. All you have to do is, crush about 5 or 6 cloves of garlic and boil them in some hot water. Take the whole mixture and blend it for about 10 seconds. You can either drink it with the garlic pieces in it or to make it smooth, you can sieve it. The important thing with this remedy is that you must drink it quickly. This will give you fast effective pain relief.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important for your general health, but if you suffer from arthritis, it is even more vital that you keep your body hydrated. You can do this by consuming at least 8 large glasses of water throughout the day.

There we have it, a list of natural arthritis pain relief remedies, there are literally thousands of ways you could use nature to relieve the crippling pain of arthritis. As well as using traditional medicine there is no harm in trying some natural home remedies to give you further pain relief. Find useful Home Remedies for Arthritis.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Remedies for UTI - Urinary Tract Infection Natural Treatment and Remedy

The condition of Urinary Tract Infection is related with the encroachment by the bacteria of the urinary tract and it includes urethra, bladder, kidney and ureters. From the opening of the urethra this bacterium enters and procreates in the urinary tract which causes urinary tract infection. It may be the major cause of distress in your life and it is also very painful if the detection of this problem is not done in its initial stages then it may spread to your kidneys and then it may be a serious health issue. Sometimes there is a development of cystitis due to the infection in the bladder. It is a very common problem usually faced by women. Though UTI can affect any person but especially women are at more risk of this disease. Even the children may also suffer from this disease.

Some of the important symptoms of UTI -

1. Patient may suffer from fever due to the infection in the kidney. Feeling of vomiting and nausea may be the result due to the infection. Pain below the ribs and backache are some of the other symptoms.

2. Constant urge to urinate is a common symptom usually faced by the patient of UTI.

3. Usually the urine passes with the burning sensation and it is very painful also. Sometimes there is a presence of blood in the urine.

Some of the major causes of UTI -

1. It is caused when there is a presence of bacteria in the urethra
2. Sexual intercourse is an important and common cause of UTI
3. It is also caused when someone holds back the urge to urinate
4. It is also caused by often changing the different sexual partner

Home remedies are also very helpful in treating urinary tract infection. Some of the popular home remedies:

1. You must consume a plenty of water. It will help you to have a good flow of urine. It also cleanses your body by flushing and diluting out the unwanted substance.

2. In order to fight with the infection consume at least two capsules of Echinacea and Oregon grape root. It must be taken in three times a day. To fight with the infection you can also take goldenseal.

3. Consumption of fresh berry juice is very effective for treating UTI.

4. Increase the intake of vitamin C as it prevents the bacterial growth.

5. You must take a diet rich in minerals and other supplements like milk, fruits and other vegetables.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Home Remedies for Acid Reflux - Effective Natural Treatment

Usually the acid reflux is related with the problem of acidic pain, heart burn and heartache. There is 80% of alkali and 20% of acid in our blood and when the percentage of the acid which is present in our blood increases then it affects our digestive system and results into the ailment of acidity.

In the acid reflux, the acid present in the stomach travels to the throat with the help of the saliva and gives the burning sensation and sourness in the stomach. Usually patients demand for the treatment of acid reflux when he or she feels heart burn and also the sourness comes to the throat.

Some other problem like loss of appetite, dyspepsia and indigestion is also having the same symptoms. So it is necessary to first differentiate between the two problems. Acidity is usually caused by taking improper and heavy diet. In this condition the use of alkali food is beneficial.

Some of the major symptoms of the acid reflux include burning in the throat and chest after meals, vomiting of sour undigested food, constipation, sickness of stomach, stomachache etc. But its important symptoms are mainly sour vomit, feeling of sour water in the mouth and burning in the chest.

The patient of the acid reflux should be very particular and careful about their diet. You can watch yourself that which kind of food suits you well. Restrict the intake of liquids except milk. Milk is very helpful and it must be taken frequently. You must not take pickles and tea as it is very harmful for the patients of acid reflux.

The problem of acid reflux can be treated with the help of home remedies also. Some of the popular and effective home remedies for treating acid reflux.

1. Patient must avoid drinking tea as it is very harmful.

2. Carrot is very beneficial for the patients of acid reflux. It helps in curing acidosis.

3. Banana is very effective in treating acid reflux. You can take banana with sugar and cardamom powder.

4. Petha is also very effective in treating acid reflux. If the patients of acid reflux make a habit to take at least two pieces of petha regularly then the problem of acid reflux will be completely cured.

5. Make a habit to eat clove in the morning and evening after the meals regularly. It is a beneficial remedy to cure acid reflux.

6. Radish juice mixed with sugar candy is beneficial in treating acid reflux.

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Natural Cures for Constipation, Herbal Treatment to Cure Constipation

Constipation is a problem which is to be faced by every people in one or more times in their life. When we are not clean form inside we don't feel good. Having daily motions is a key for a good health. The first thing which must be performed by every one of us is to going for motion every day in the morning. But many people are unable to do these things regularly or we can say that they may be suffering from constipation.

For cleaning up of the system there are many solutions which are recommended like detox treatments. In order to relieve yourself daily you have to change your lifestyle. Problem is getting worse day by day by the intake of low high protein diet. For severe condition of the constipation you have to take some medical help but for mild condition of constipation you don’t have to worry more. It can be cured easily.

Problem of constipation can be treated by the help of home remedies also. Some of the popular home remedies for treating constipation:

1. Intake of plenty water or fruit juices are very effective for treating the problem of constipation. There is no hard and fast rule for treating this problem. It also depends on the life style, surrounding temperature and weight of the body. But in general you can say that drinking of 6-8 glasses of water is essential for treating constipation or you may drink as much as you can.

2. Eating fibers in a natural way is very effective for treating constipation. Most of the fruits and the vegetables are rich in fiber and this is very beneficial for treating constipation. According to the guideline of FDA, constipation can be reduced by taking five portions a day. Some beans, leafy veggies, oranges, apples and bananas are very effective for treating constipation as they contain a lot of fiber.

3. To eliminate constipation you must consume whole grains. Insoluble fibers are very effective for treating constipation.

4. Consumption of antacid must be reduced. Redesign your diet in such a way that you should not suffer the problem of heart burn or acidity.

5. Some natural herbs are also responsible to cure constipation. You can take herb or supplement to reduce the problem of constipation. The popular herbs which are responsible for reducing the problem of constipation are ginger and dandelion root.

6. Doing regular physical exercises are also very effective in treating the problem of constipation.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sign and Symptoms of Receding Gums and Natural Treatment

Receding gums are related with the loss of gum tissue. Finally it results in an exposure in the roots of the teeth. Usually this problem occurs at the age of 40 but sometimes it may start from the teens also.

The main cause of the receding gums are brushing overaggressive due to which the enamel at the gum line is worn out. Flossing or inadequate brushing is also one of its main causes which encourage the bacteria to build up between the teeth. The other causes are sensitivity to sodium lauryl sulfate, grinding of the teeth, dipping tobacco, eating disorders and periodontal disease.

Some of the signs and symptoms of the gum recession -

1. Cavities are seen under the gum line
2. Gradually the space between the teeth seem to grow
3. At the gum line the tooth feels notched
4. Roots of the tooth are visible and exposed
5. Teeth become sensitive to cold, hot, spicy, sour or sweet foods
6. Tooth looks longer than normal

If the problem is due to gingivitis then following symptoms may be observed -

1. Bad breath
2. While brushing or flossing bleeding from the gum
3. Inflammation in the gums and it looks puffy and red

It is necessary to save our natural teeth. Due to receding gums the teeth may decay more rapidly. By growing age it is a natural tendency of the gums to recede. So it is very important to take necessary action to save our teeth naturally.

Make a habit to floss regularly with a product known as "stim-u-dent". You may get this product from local pharmacy. Massaging your gums with this product is also beneficial. Go for soft bristle tooth brush and rinse your mouth with dental product will help you to get rid from plaque. Choose natural tooth paste and avoid the pastes which are loaded with chemicals. You can also use "waterpik" which is filled with water and full cap of antiseptic mouth wash.

Intake of vitamins and minerals are necessary as it reduces the pain and inflammation. Make a habit to take vitamin C and its supplements as it is known for preventing periodontal disease and for healing. It also retards the problem of plaque. Other vitamins also promote the condition of gum like A, E and also the folic acid.

Avoid consumption of sugar, antibiotics, alcoholic beverages and coffee. Make a habit to take lots of fruits and vegetables. Some herbs are also helpful for the treatment of receding gums.

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5 Effective Natural Poison Ivy Treatment, Causes and Symptoms

Usually poison ivy is found in the east of the Rocky Mountains. It grows as vines and shrubs. Leaves of the poison ivy are often clustered in groups of three, five or seven. They have either notched or smooth edges. From region to region and with the seasons the appearance of these plants may vary. Even the toxic oil is transmitted by the dead plants in underbrush to the skin.

These plants are responsible for more dermatitis in comparison to any other substance. Skin develops a rash when it comes in contact with any part of the plant. This rash is the result of the reaction to a chemical compound in the resin called urushiol. It is found in almost all over plant. Even the smoke of the burning plant is also irritating. Its smoke also causes a reaction in the respiratory tract.

The major symptoms of poison ivy are inflammation, fever, extremely itchy, red pimples, blisters, burning, red pimples and also an inflammation in the face or genitals area. Usually the symptoms occur between few hours to seven or ten days after coming in contact with the plant. Especially after scratching it spreads rapidly within the next three days.

The parts of the body which are mostly affected by poison ivy are hands, arms, face or legs. But it spreads rapidly to different parts of the body after scratching the rash and it also spreads the inflammation. After the second day of the appearance of the rash the redness, itching and usually the swelling also begin to heal. It takes approximately seven to fourteen days for complete healing after the contact with poison ivy.

Some of the natural remedies for poison ivy -

1. It is advisable to take vitamin C with bioflavonoids. It is very helpful for preventing infection and also the rapid spreading of the rash and it also reduces the swelling which are caused by poison ivy.

2. Zinc is very effective for repairing skin tissues so it is advisable to take zinc regularly after affected by poison ivy.

3. Apply aloe vera juice, watermelon rind or tofu over the affected area. It will give soothing and cooling effect and also reduces itching.

4. For reducing or limiting the spread of rash, itching and also to heal the body faster make use of calendula lotion. It is very good.

5. Calamine lotion is also very effective to speed healing of poison ivy. So make its use regularly.

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Interstitial Cystitis Causes, Symptoms and Effective Herbal Treatment

Interstitial cystitis is a syndrome which is characterized by feeling the need to urinate immediately. It is related with the chronic urinary urgency and also the frequency with suprapubic discomfort is generally relieved by urinating. The term "cystitis" is related with the inflammation of the bladder. Bacterial cystitis is related with the infection in the bladder but interstitial is not related with any infectious organism.

The exact cause of the interstitial cystitis is yet unknown as it has variety of symptoms. According to most of the researchers it represents a spectrum of disorders rather than a single disease. One of the main causes of interstitial cystitis may be the leakage in the lining of the bladder called glycocalyx. This layer is responsible for the protection of the wall of the bladder from toxic effects of urine. The other cause may be autoimmune disorder which may produce unidentified organism which may damage the bladder along with its symptoms.

The symptoms of interstitial vary from person to person but it may be little bit similar to the persons having urinary tract infection. Its main symptoms -

1. Decreased bladder capacity.
2. An urgent need to urinate frequently all the times.
3. Feelings of pressure, tenderness, pain around the bladder, perineum and pelvis which decreases when the bladder empties and increases when the bladder fills.
4. Lovemaking is very painful in this condition.
5. Pain or discomfort in the male organ and scrotum.

These are the symptoms which may occur in combination or in single. Especially in the women the condition worsens around the time of period.

Patients suffering from the problem of IC must start their treatment as soon as possible. If the treatment is started earlier then the pain is managed within six weeks but if this problem is for longer period then it will take some time to overcome it. Herbal treatment is also very fruitful for the treatment of IC.

Herbal medicines are very effective for the treatment of interstitial cystitis.

A teaspoon of fresh juice from the flowers of drumstick mixed with half glass of coconut water is a great herbal remedy for the infection of bladder. It must be taken at least twice a day for better result.

An oil of sandalwood is also very helpful in the treatment of IC.

For the treatment of cystitis mix equally the juice of spinach with coconut water. Take this solution regularly.

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Insomnia - Sleeplessness Causes and Useful Natural Remedies and Treatment

Insomnia is related with the problem of lack of sleep on a regular basis. If anyone is suffering from occasional sleepless night then it is not a problem, it is very common condition. Some problem like depression, sleep apnea, heart disease, lung disease, hot flashes and diabetes result into the problem like insomnia. You must consult any expert doctor to solve this problem. Even if you want to solve this problem with any natural remedy then also you must consult to your doctor. It is very distressing when you are lying in the bed and unable to fall asleep. This problem will affect the physical and emotional health adversely and people will feel more tired, irritable and unable to concentrate and make important decisions. Due to this problem our immune system will also become weak.

Insomnia is also caused by illness, orthopnea, depression and all physical or psychiatric disorders. It is also caused by environmental and lifestyle factors like too much noise or light, eating late, drinking too much alcohol or coffee, shift work or withdrawal symptoms, jet lag after a long flight and also uncomfortable bed. The problem of sleep can also be experience by some post-menopausal women.

Many natural techniques like visualization, autogenic training, gentle exercises like yoga and also meditation is very helpful in reducing the affect of insomnia. You must exercise in the afternoon or early evening so that after 5-6 hours the level of hormone lowers and promote a deep sleep. Physical exercises also increase our adrenaline level and our core body temperature which promotes the activity of sleeping.

Food is also having an important role in reducing the problem of insomnia. You must take protein rich foods like nuts, tuna, whole meal bread, dates and potatoes as they are rich in an amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is a chemical messenger in the body which releases serotonin approximately an hour later as soon as it reaches the brain. It helps to relax. You must avoid large meals, caffeine and nicotine just before going to bed. Drinking alcohol should also be avoided as it disrupts the restorative levels of sleep.

Intake of calcium, zinc, magnesium, zinc as well as vitamin B6, B3 and C supplements are very helpful in the treatment of insomnia as they are helpful in calming the nervous system.

Avoid bright colors in the room. Radios, alarm clocks should be kept far so that it could not disturb your sleep.bed sheet, curtains and carpets should be such that it gives soothing effect to your brain and promotes sleep.

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Natural Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid) Remedies and Treatment

Hypothyroidism is a problem which is related with an underactive thyroid gland. It produces thyroid hormones in very less quantity and result into hypothyroidism. Millions of people are affected by this problem. Many people remain unaware of this problem. Thyroid is a small gland which is found in the middle of the lower neck.

A blood test is required to confirm the problem of an underactive thyroid gland. But the cause of hypothyroidism will remain still unknown. Thyroid scans and the results of antibody screening tests help to determine the underlying cause of the thyroid.

There are several causes of hypothyroidism like hashimoto’s disease, due to the inflammation of the thyroid gland, as a result of treatment for hyperthyroidism, thyroid surgery, iodine deficiency, radiation therapy, pituitary/hypothalamic disease and other medications.

Some of the main symptoms of hypothyroidism are bloated stomach, low sex drive, poor concentration, thrush, weight gain or difficulty in losing weight, depression, constipation, heart palpitations, fatigue and exhaustion, dry and tangy hair or loss of hair, aching joints and muscles, swelling and puffiness in the eyes, face arms, menstrual problems like infrequent or heavy flow and legs and brittle or split nails.

Natural remedies for hypothyroidism are very effective. The herbs which are used for the treatment of hypothyroidism maintain the healthy functioning of the thyroid. Some of the important herbs which are used in the treatment for hypothyroidism are Fucus vesiculosus, Avena sativa, Coleus forskohliiv, Acornus, Dioscorea Poria, Paonia Ginseng and Cinnamon.

Fucus vesiculosus contain iodine and it is a sea vegetable. It is very effective for the treatment of hypothyroidism. Avena sativa is a nerve tonic and it is used to cure nerve disorder and it is very helpful in the treatment of hypothyroidism also. Coleus forskohliiv is an ayurvedic medicine and it is very helpful in reducing the blood pressure and it also help in the natural treatment of hypothyroidism. The rest of the herbs are very helpful and effective in the preparation of the natural remedy. These herbs also improve the metabolism of the body. Some of the herbs which are very helpful in curing thyroid weight imbalance are ginger, kelp and cayenne.

Nettle is an herb which is used in the natural remedies for hypothyroidism. It gives sufficient amount of iodine and deficiency of iodine is one of the major causes of hypothyroidism. So Nettle herb is very helpful in the treatment of hypothyroidism. Fruits rich in magnesium and calcium are the best natural remedies for hypothyroidism.

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Underactive Thyroid - Hypothyroidism Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatment

Hypothyroidism is related with thyroid gland which is unable to produce enough thyroid hormone which is required by our body. It is even more common than hyperthyroidism. Most of the people are affected by hypothyroidism. The problem of hypothyroidism usually affects women with increasing age. It may be the result of any surgery or any type of treatment against hyperthyroid.

Hyperthyroid grows gradually but one can observe its symptoms suddenly which include severe muscle cramps in the arms, neck, legs, back and shoulders, mental sluggishness, hoarseness, swollen facial features and also enlarged tongue.

The main causes of hypothyroidism -

1. Due to side affect of some medicines though this side affect is also very rare.
2. Infections caused by viruses and bacteria which result into permanent hypothyroidism by depressing the production of thyroid hormone.
3. Due to malfunctioning of pituitary gland.
4. Congenital defect.
5. Iodine deficient diet.
6. Removal of thyroid gland due to cancer or other thyroid disorder result into hypothyroidism.

The main symptoms of hypothyroidism -

1. General symptoms of hypothyroid slow down the metabolic processes. The general symptoms are weight gain, difficulty in tolerating the cold weather, sluggishness and fatigue.
2. Skin becomes dry and thick, decrease sweating, hair also becomes thin or coarse, eyebrows may disappear, and nails also become brittle.
3. Mild swelling around the eyes.
4. Irregular menstrual cycle, difficulty in pregnancy.
5. Respiratory muscles become weak and thus function of the lung decreases.
6. Slows the heart rate and the person experiences a short breathe in doing exercises.
7. Causes constipation.
8. It may cause hypertension and also raises the level of cholesterol.

Some of the natural treatments for hypothyroid -

A sea weed known as Bladderwrack, which is found in several oceans across the globe has proven to a great extent to reduce the symptoms of hypothyroidism. It is rich in iodine content and thus they are very helpful and effective thyroid stimulant. It also restores the function of thyroid gland. A person suffering from thyroid must take 600mg Bladderwrack capsules 1-3 times a day with water.

A perennial plant known as Black Cohosh is basically found in North America. It is very effective in the treatment of thyroid and they are available in the market as dietary supplement.

A natural herb known as Nettle is very helpful in treating thyroid. This herb is rich in iodine and it is naturally found in the temperate regions. It is very beneficial to treat the condition of hypothyroid.

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Natural Cancer Treatment, Symptoms and Remedies

Cancer is a term which constitutes a complex group of varieties of cancerous disease which is more than 100. Different organs of the body of a human are affected by cancer. It can even affect the parts of a body like eyes and heart. Different types of cancer are having different causes, symptoms and methods of treatment. Among all types of cancer some of them are having common symptoms and the way of treatment also.

We all know that all the organs of our body are made up of cells. Cells divide and multiply as required by our body. When cell continue to multiply irrespective of required by our body then it result into a growth of mass called tumor which is considered to be malignant or benign. Benign can be removed easily. Usually it is non-cancerous except in rare case. They even don’t spread to the other parts of the body. Whereas malignant is cancerous and often spreads to another part of the body easily. It has the quality to invade neighboring organs and the tissues and thus spreads to the different parts of the body. Most of the cancer spread and affect different organs of the body except blood cancer like leukemia. It affects the blood and the organs which forms the blood and then affect the nearby tissues.

Symptoms of cancer are usually based on the type of cancer. In advance stage the major symptoms of the cancer are fever, weight loss and fatigue. These symptoms are not specific rather these symptoms are also common in less serious illness rather than cancer.

Some of the natural methods are available which results into the prevention of cancer.

1. Building of immune system
2. Natural chemotherapies which are non toxic
3. Enzymatic therapy
4. Detoxification of whole body
5. Oxygenation and nutrition
6. Emotional and mental counseling

Worldwide the rate of the cancer and deaths are increasing day by day. In human history it has become higher today than ever. So it is necessary to approach for conventional health care. It is found that cancer is the result of long standing combination of accumulated toxins in the body, emotional stress factors and nutritional starvation which also includes a lack of sufficient oxygen. To avoid cancer it is important to avoid these factors. It is necessary to provide basic nutrients, enzymes etc to the body so that it functions properly. Avoid smoking as it is responsible for different types of cancer including the lung cancer.

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Do You Know the Natural Remedies for Depression?

In this condition a person due to something complex experiences sad feelings and also downturn in their mood. It is a mental state which is characterized by inadequate negative sense and also lack of activity. It is a mental disorder which is associated with reduced pleasure or interest in almost all the activities. Most of the common behaviors which are the result of depression are despair, low self esteem, sadness, low self approach and also discouragement. It is said that depression is like a tree which has various roots. Regarding mental health problems, depression is the most common of all the problems. It is related with our mood and feeling. A person suffering from depression experiences very poor concentration and lack of interest in doing all the activities.

It is very necessary that a person suffering from depression must avoid spicy, oily and hot foods and also the pulses like Bengal gram. The diet of the patient should be full of fruits, green vegetables, grams, wheat flour, fresh juice, brown rice and all foods which are rich in vitamin B. During the phase of depression restrict the intake of milk products and meats. Always take light foods which are easy to digest.

Increase the intake of vitamin C as it is an anti depressant. We can get vitamin C from lemons, amla, oranges, etc. Patient should avoid the intake of chocolates, caffeine, beverages and also the junk and fried foods.

For the patient suffering from depression yoga and exercises are very important and effective treatment. It makes our body and mind healthy. It makes the people healthy from inside and also mentally strong. By doing regular exercises people suffering from depression feels happiness and mentally relax.

Some of the natural treatments of the depression are -

1. Turmeric is very effective in the treatment of depression. It has curative property. It is very effective for the depression patients who are affected by seasonal disorder.

2. To get relief from stress and depression cardamom is also very effective. The pleasant odor of the cardamom gives the nerves a soothing effect. We can use the cardamom by preparing a tea of it.

3. An effective herb which reduces the stress and depression is Ashwagandha. It has the requisite property which removes the negative thoughts from the mind.

4. Brahmi is also an effective herb which is very helpful in the treatment of depression. It relaxes the mind and also brings the mind in a comfortable state. Its oil also gives soothing and cooling effect on the mind.

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Do You Know the Herbal Remedies for Anxiety?

Usually the anxiety is the result of exaggerated worry about day to day events which are not having any specific reasons to worry. The person suffering from anxiety always expects disaster in their life and they can’t stop to worry due to this problem. They always worry about the things which are related with their life and in negative way. They always worry about health, money, school or family work. It is also termed as GAD. In this condition the people often worry about the happenings which are out of proportion for the situation or unrealistic. They always remain in the state of worry, fear, and dread. It affects the work of day to day life and even the relationships.

The common causes of anxiety are genetics, brain chemistry and also the environmental factors. If there is a family history of anxiety then there are chances of developing anxiety. It is also caused if there are some disturbances in the neurotransmitters so that it doesn’t work properly or has become imbalance. Some environmental factors are also responsible for anxiety like stress. If someone is addicted to certain things and he has withdrawn the addiction of certain product like alcohol, caffeine, nicotine etc then also he may suffer from anxiety.

Some of the main symptoms of anxiety are feeling trouble in sleeping, facing difficulty in concentrating, excessive tiredness, trembling, nausea, feeling of urination or bowel movement frequently, excess sweating, problem due to unrealistic view, feeling of being edgy and restlessness, tension in muscles, severe or mild headache, irritability and excessive ongoing worry and tension.

Herbal treatments also suit to the problem of anxiety. There are no side effects while using the herbal remedies. Some of the important herbal remedy for anxiety:

1. Intake of fennel tea reduces the anxiety by reducing the upset of gastrointestinal. You will get relief from anxiety if you are making a regular use of this herbal tea.

2. Catnip tea also reduces the anxiety. If you are making regular use of catnip tea then it helps in relieving the anxiety and also gives soothing effect.

3. Motherwort tincture helps to boost up our mood and reduce the anxiety. It is also available in the form of capsules which stabilizes the emotions and gives calming effect.

4. Skullcap capsules or tincture helps in easing the depression. It also restores the emotional stability and set the people free from anxiety. Herbal oils are also available to reduce anxiety.

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Breast Cancer - Various Causes and Risk Factors

The exact cause of the breast cancer is yet unknown. But according to many scientists there are many factors which are responsible for the growth and development of cancer. Some of the factors are age which is beyond our control and drinking habits which can be modified. Some of the main causes of cancer are -

1. The risk of breast cancer increases with the increase in age. It is said the woman at the age of 50 is at 8 folder higher risk than the women who are at 30. Usually 80% of the problems of cancer are developing in women at the age of 50. Nowadays the maximum death among women is due to the cause of this cancer at the age group between 40 to 45 years. Among younger women below the age group of 35 the problem of this disease is uncommon except the women who are having the family history of the disease.

2. If already any woman is suffering from this problem then the chance of having breast cancer in the other breast increases. The cancer in the other breast occurs completely from the different location it has not occurred or spread from the previous one. But the possibilities of developing new breast cancer in the other side increases by 0.5% -0.7% every year after the initial diagnosis.

3. This case of breast cancer is not very common. Only 15% of the total case of breast cancer appears to have hereditary cause of developing. About 85% of the case of the breast cancer appears due to different factors. Women whose first degree relative like sister, mother or daughter are affected by this disease then the possibility of breast cancer in that women increases by two times. Risk of this disease also increases by 4-5 times when any women's relative suffers from breast cancer before menopause and in both the breasts. If breast cancer has affected in several generation then the possibilities of breast cancer also increases in the current generation.

4. Hormones are also one of the main causes of it. It may be the result of the longest known exposure, especially female sex hormone known as estrogen. For this reason the possibilities of breast cancer increases in the woman who have a history of late menopause, no pregnancies, late pregnancies, early first menstrual period, intake of birth control pills.

There are many other causes of this cancer like use of alcohol, fat, radiant exposure, environmental pollutants, cigarette smoking, abortion etc.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What are the Symptoms and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer does not show any symptoms in the initial stages. Formation of lumps and cysts in the breasts are quite common and most of them are benign in nature. But these lumps, cysts or fibroids can turn cancerous depending on the individual. One should go for various screening tests of breast cancer if certain changes are observed in the breast.


1. Formation of lumps or hardening around the breast or in the under arms.
2. Any change in the shape and size of the breast.
3. Crumpling of the breast skin.
4. Discharge from the nipple.
5. Retraction of the nipple.
6. Skin of the breast or the areola turns red, scaly forming ridges and pits.

It is the responsible of the health care provider to guide the patient through proper screening in confirming the malignancy of the breast lumps.

Diagnosis of breast cancer - Breast cancer can be detected even before the appearance of the symptoms. Women above 50 and having history of breast cancer in family can go for cancer detection tests just for a precautionary measure. Breast cancer can be cured easily if detected earlier.

Clinical breast examination - The doctors do a thorough breast examination like the shape of the breasts, condition of the skin and on finding any abnormal signs the nipples may be squeezed to check for any discharge. The size and nature of the lumps in the breast and in lymphatic glands are also checked throughout the entire chest and underarm areas.

Mammograms - This test can detect the breast lumps through X-rays even before they are felt. Mammograms also show micro calcifications which are also responsible for breast cancer.

It is advisable for women above 40 to go for a mammogram check up every 2 years. Following the results of the mammogram the doctor advises for further imaging tests to detect breast cancer.

Other imaging tests

Ultrasound tests using sound waves are advised if breast lumps are detected. Through these ultrasound tests the nature of the lumps whether it is solid or fluid filled can be detected.

MRI helps in differentiating between the normal tissues and the diseased ones using powerful magnets and by studying the images which are captured in the computer.

Biopsy - This test confirms the presence of cancer. A part of the tissue from the abnormal area is tested in several ways in biopsy like needle biopsy, core biopsy, skin biopsy and surgical biopsy.

Lab test of breast tissue - If breast cancer is detected, the doctors advise hormone receptor tests or HER2/neu test to detect the presence of hormones and proteins that are responsible for the growth of breast tumors.

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What are the Different Stages of Breast Cancer?

On confirmation of the breast cancer from biopsy report, the doctors go through an extensive study about the extent or the stage of the cancer that will help to adopt the right type of treatment best suitable for the patient. Whether the cancer is localized or has spread to other parts of the body can be determined by staging that involves different types of screening including the blood test.

Bone scan is done by entering a small amount of radioactive substance into the blood vessel which gets collected in the bones, and the pictures taken confirm the spread of cancer to the bones.

CT scan of the breast cancer is done by taking pictures of the affected area through the X-rays to study whether the cancer has affected the lungs and liver.

Lymph node biopsy is done by inserting radioactive blue dye through a needle near the tumor or the nipple and checked for the cancerous lymphatic cells.

The different stages of breast cancer include –

Stage 0 - This stage can be also termed as Ductal Carcinoma in situ (DCIS), which indicates that the abnormal cells of the breast duct have not spread outside or invaded other local tissues. This stage cannot be termed cancerous but if untreated can turn into breast cancer.

Stage I indicates the earliest stage of breast cancer where the tumor is not more than 2 centimeters and the cancerous cells have affected only the breast tissue not spreading beyond.

Stage II - This may include features -

1. The tumor size not more than 2 centimeters but the cancer has affected the under arm lymph nodes or the cancer is localized.

2. The tumor size is of 2-5 centimeter and the cancer affecting the underarm lymph nodes.

Stage III comprises of three stages like Stage IIIA, IIIB and IIIC.

In Stage IIIA tumor is 5centimeters length across and the cancer has spread to the under arm lymph nodes. The cancer may spread to the single or attached lymph nodes under the arm and it may also affect the lymph nodes behind the breast bone.

In Stage IIIB the tumor may be of any size that grows along the chest wall or on the breast skin forming lumps and nodules. The under arm lymph nodes and the lymph nodes behind the breast bone may also be affected.

In this stage the inflammatory breast cancer may also occur with the breast becoming red and swollen.

In Stage IIIC the tumor may be of any size with the cancer spreading to the lymph nodes of under arm, behind the breast bone and also including the lymphatic nodes of the collarbone.

Stage IV or the metastatic change indicates the spread of the breast cancer to other parts of the body like liver and bones.

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Diet and Natural Foods to have Healthy Breasts

It is a dream for very women to have healthy breast along with a healthy body. Healthy and well shaped breasts not only form an integral part of the beauty of women but also a medium to nourish the new born after attaining motherhood. With the rising incidences of breast cancer it has compelled almost every woman to take special care in maintaining healthy breasts and avert the risk of cancer. Though women have become more conscious about this dreadful disease, still there are many who do some things that are unhealthy for breasts. Statistics reveal that 30-50% of breast cancers can be avoided by following the right kind of diet and regular physical regime. Also by avoiding some damaging life styles it is easy to maintain well shaped and healthy breasts.

Diet - Diet is very important in maintaining the good health of the breasts. Colored fruits like orange, banana, citruses, carrots and green vegetables are rich in vitamins and anti oxidants that prevent cancer and also slow down the aging process.

Avoiding carbohydrate rich foods and processed foods are good for healthy breasts.

Healthy fats like omega-3-fatty acids, nuts, avocados and coconut oil are essential for healthy breasts. Bran, porridges made from whole grains are rich in fibers that are beneficial for the female hormones.

Green and white tea is rich in anti oxidants and drinking 4-5 cups a day helps to maintain healthy breasts.

Xenoestrogen substances are chemical pollutants that must be avoided as they are the prime causes of breast cancer. They react with the estrogen hormone resulting in the under functioning of the hormonal system. The sources are pesticide loaded products, plastics, household detergents, commercial meat and diary products and poisoning effects of lead and mercury. Their effects can be encountered by consuming cabbages, broccoli, sprouts, kale that are rich in anti oxidants.

Too much smoking and drinking caffeine products must be avoided as they produce numerous free radicals that destroy the normal cells

Natural foods can fight carcinogens; fruits like cherries, grapes are rich in Ellagic acid that reduces the chances of breast cancer. These fruits also contain bioflavonoid that prevents the production of cancer cells. Chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants prevents the damage of DNA of the cells. Food rich in beta carotene like carrots, pumpkins prevents cancer.

Breast massage can be highly beneficial to maintain healthy breasts. Studies show that the breast tissues can store lots of chemical wastes that are harmful for the body. Careful massaging of the breasts helps in flushing out the harmful toxins and wastes through the lymphatic system and restores the nutrients in the tissue.

Regular check ups of the breast after menopause through mammography or thermography must be done to ensure good health of the breasts. Thermography is preferred as the X-rays in mammograms may prove harmful to the breasts.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Liver Diseases Causes, Symptoms and Natural Remedies

Liver is the second largest organ in our body and its area of function is so wide that it contributes a major part in keeping a body fit and healthy. Mainly a digestive organ, it helps in carbohydrate and fat metabolism. It also improves the immunity system of the body and stores some vitamins and minerals. Care should be taken to maintain a healthy liver as a damaged liver can endanger the life.

Symptoms of liver diseases

1. Pain and tenderness in the abdomen

2. Severe itching on the skin where there is no infection

3. Diseases like jaundice, cholestatis followed by dark urine, pale colored stools, bone loss

4. Pain in the pancreas and the enlargement of the gall bladder

5. Loss of appetite, nausea and sometimes mild fever may result due to malfunctioning of the liver.

Cause: The most common reasons for the liver diseases are due to unhealthy life style and faulty eating habits. Infections by the Hepatitis virus A, B and C can cause serious types of liver diseases. Prolonged intake of drugs, alcohol and other toxic substances damage the liver cells leading to liver diseases. Low immune system of the body can trigger certain liver diseases.

Natural Remedies

Liver diseases are alarming and life threatening if not controlled at the early stage or not treated properly. Treatments of liver diseases are generally done through natural processes as these are much more effective than the synthetic drugs.

1. Protein intake should be minimized in case of liver diseases as the liver has to work more in digesting protein.

2. More carbohydrates must be included in the daily diet. Rice is ideal in this case. The diet should be balanced with respect to the calorie intake including fat soluble minerals and fatty acids.

3. Low sodium intake is advised in liver diseases to prevent fluid retention.

4. Pomegranate is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. A glass of its juice every morning boosts the body immunity system.

5. Taking sugarcane juice in liver diseases is an excellent tonic as it strengthens the liver. The alkaline nature of the juice keeps the acid levels of the body low.

6. A concoction of pipal leaves (3-4 leaves) and sugar in a cup of water if taken twice daily helps in treating the liver disease.

7. Taking twice daily a mixture of papaya seeds with 10 drops of lemon juice is effective in liver diseases.

8. Chewing fennel seeds after the meals regularly is good for liver diseases.

Liver being one of the most important organs of our body, it is always advisable to protect it by eating healthy and doing moderate exercises regularly. Consuming too much alcohol and eating spicy and junk foods produce toxins that affect the liver to a great extent.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Natural Cures for Hypothyroidism, Causes, Symptoms and Remedies

When our body produces abnormally low thyroid hormone than this condition is called hypothyroidism. Different types of disorders result into hypothyroidism. Thyroid gland gets affected directly or on directly by these disorders. Due to inadequate production of thyroid hormone, body has to face many consequences. Usually it affects the overall growth, development and many cellular processes.

Thyroid gland is located in the lower part of the neck which produces the thyroid hormone. Various causes are there for hypothyroidism -

1. Due to some medications
2. Deficiency in iodine
3. Due to surgery or from radioactive iodine, thyroid destruction
4. Hashimoto's thyroiditis
5. Hypothalamic or pituitary disease
6. Due to hyperthyroidism lymphocytic thyroiditis may occur

Symptoms of hypothyroid are many, they are not specific. This means that these symptoms may result many other conditions also. Patients with mild hypothyroidism show no major symptom or even any symptoms. Gradually the symptoms become more obvious as the condition worsens. Some of the common symptoms of the hypothyroid are – depression, excessive drowsiness, gaining weight, constipation, dryness in the skin, cramps in the muscle, dry and coarse hair, fatigue, cold intolerance, cholesterol level increases, swelling of the legs and less concentration.

The severity of the disease increases when there is puffiness around the eyes. Heart rate becomes slow, heart failure and drop in the temperature of the body. It is a threatening to life in case of severity.

Intake of some natural supplement reduces the affect of the hypothyroid.

1. Increase the intake of iodine by supplementing it in your diet. You can also use kelp as it is rich in iodine and it can be taken in the form of tablet. It is affordable too. Increase the intake of eggs, yoghurt, meat, fish, radish, parsley, potatoes, oatmeal, bananas and other sea food as these foods contain iodine in good quantity.

2. Tyrosine is very essential to increase the production of thyroid hormone. So make use of tyrosine as a dietary supplement. It is an amino acid which is required by our body in the manufacture of thyroid hormone from iodine.

3. Increase the intake of coconut oil as it is very helpful in eliminating hypothyroid as well as reduce our weight also. It benefits the thyroid in many ways.

4. Bladder wrack is a rich source of iodine. It is a seaweed and traditionally used for the purpose of weight loss and hypothyroidism. It is also helpful in stimulating the thyroid gland which increases the metabolism.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Natural Remedies for Herpes, Herbal Treatments that Work

Herpes is the most contagious viral infection. It is a virus which lives within our body. It has affected different parts of the world. Both men and women get affected by this infection. Herpes is mainly caused by the herpes simplex viruses type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2). A majority of individual suffers from minimal signs or symptoms from HSV-1 or HSV-2 infection. If in someone the signs occur it appears like blisters. It appears on or around the genitals or rectum. In some cases these blisters break and result into ulcers (sores). It takes 3-4 weeks to heel from the first time they occur. Then it takes weeks and months to appear the next outbreaks but this will be less severe than the first and it will be for the shorter period than the previous one.

Usually our body produces antibodies which prevent us from virus and also from getting sick over the period. Generally there is no care for herpes virus but there is one way to prevent the herpes is that we should keep our immune system strong. If our immune system becomes weak then the virus will attack our body and we may suffer from herpes.

To strengthen and make our immune system strong many natural remedies are available that will prevent our body from the virus like herpes. These natural treatments will strengthen the immune system and also reduces the intensity of breakout. This will effectively cure the disease and will act as natural cures for herpes. Some of the natural remedies are -

1. Increase the intake of food which is high in vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc. It will keep our immune system strong and thus it will reduce the risk of virus attack.

2. You must restrict the intake of sugar and alcohol in large quantity. As well as smoking should also be avoided as it will depress the immune system and as a result the chances of breakouts will be increased.

3. To keep our immune systems strong make a habit to take echinacea daily. The body with strong immune system is at no risk of attack of virus. This will help our body to keep herpes outbreaks at bay.

4. Application of lemon balm over the affect ted area is very effective to shorten the duration of outbreaks as it is having the antiseptic properties and it will help in reducing the problem.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Natural Cures for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Causes and Symptoms

For removal of the liquid waste, urinary tract is used. It is the filter system of the body for the removal of the urine. Usually due to shorter urinary tract especially the women are more susceptible to bacteria. These bacteria as soon as it enters the urinary tract multiply and results into an infection which is known as urinary tract infection or simply UTI.

Usually each and every woman gets affected by this infection in one or more time in their life. Some may get infected only once but some may get affected by this infection frequently during their lifetime. Mostly UTIs are not at all serious but they may be painful. For some women UTI is very frustrating as many women are very prone to UTI and it occurs frequently.

Most common cause of the UTI is sexual intercourse. Especially women suffer from frequent UTI if they have sex with more than one. The other cause of the UTI is to wait for too long to urinate. The other causes of the UTI are menopause, diabetes or pregnancy.

The main symptoms of the UTI are the strong urge to urinate and which should not be delayed. It is also followed by a sharp pain and burning sensation in the urethra when the urine is released. As a result very little urine is released and it may be tinged with blood.

Though UTI is not a serious problem and it may be cured by taking antibiotics but few natural remedies are also there which are very effective.

1. For more than a century cranberry juice has been used as a home remedy to treat urinary tract infection. Both juice and tablets of the cranberry are fruitful in treating the urinary tract infection. Usually bacteria adhere to the walls of the urinary tract and cranberry prevents the bacteria from adhering. But it should be remembered that you must take the unsweetened cranberry juice. Often unsweetened juice is found in health food stores.

2. Uva Ursi is a herb which is very popular and it is used by majority of people. It is a folk remedy but it is not applicable to all the UTI. For certain types of UTI this remedy is very effective. But people having kidney problem, during pregnancy, children, liver disease and nursing women should not go for this remedy.

3. Other natural remedies are herbs like corn silk, golden seal, buchu, horsetail etc. And the homeopathic remedy is cantharis and staphysagria.

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Menopause Natural Cures and Home Remedies to Get Relief Naturally

Menopause is a period or the time when any woman stops having her menstrual periods. It is one of the phases in women life. Every woman has to pass through this phase. It is not an illness or disease. While undergoing through this phase many woman experiences a different variety of symptoms. These symptoms are due to the hormonal changes which is associated with the transition through menopause. During the period of menopause the risk of heart disease increases as the level of blood cholesterol comes in the worst position. Many women often lose bone density also.

Due to the series of complex hormonal changes menopause occurs. Within the ovaries when the number of functional eggs decline in the number then menopause occurs. Some of the main symptoms of the menopause are Hot flashes which includes insomnia, palpitations etc., burning on urination and urinary Incontinence, changes in the shape of the breast, changes in vaginal discharge and also the pain during intercourse, gain in weight, changes in cholesterol level, can cause osteoporosis, after menopause increase in the risk of heart disease and few more.

Some of the natural remedies to cure menopause are:

1. Take 800 mg of evening primrose oil regularly three times a day. And drink 8 glasses of steam-distilled water.

2. Take 1 teaspoon ginseng root tincture, 1 teaspoon of licorice root tincture, 1 teaspoon of don quai root tincture, 2 teaspoons of cohosh root tincture, 1 teaspoon of chaste tree tincture and 1 teaspoon of sarsaparilla tincture. Make a solution by mixing all the ingredients and take 3 dropperfuls a day.

3. Take 1 ounce of almond oil, one capsule of 1,000 IU of Vitamin E. Mix all the ingredients properly and apply this remedy inside and outside the vagina at least twice a day. It is an effective home remedy for menopause. It is used as vaginal dryness lotion.

4. To reduce the problem of menopause and the vaginal dryness, take 50 mcg of selenium, 10 mg of beta-carotene and 2000 mg of Vitamin C once a day. It will also help in improving the skin.

5. Take 1 drop of chamomile essential oil, 4 drops of sandalwood essential oil, 6 drops of rose geranium oil. 1 teaspoon of wine vinegar, 2 ounces of aloe vera gel, 2 ounces orange-blossom water and 800UI vitamin E oil (for this you can puncture a gel capsule with a needle). Mix all the ingredients and apply it in the vaginal area. Though this cream can be used as a toner or aftershave for man also. It will improve the appearance as well as nourish the skin.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Natural Cures for Cancer, Causes, Symptoms and Home Remedies

Cancer is a group of diseases and it is characterized by out-of-control cell growth. There are more than 100 different types of cancer, it is a broad term. Each type of cancer is having its own characteristics. In cancer, damaged cells divide out-of-control and forms lumps or masses of tissue which is known as tumors and in turn it harms our body.

Causes of Cancer

Some cells grow uncontrollably and do not die. These cells ultimately result into cancer. Normally the cells in our body follow a path in order of growth, division and death. When there is a disturbance or breakage in this routine then it gives birth to cancer. In cancer the cells unlike the regular cells do not undergo a programmatic death and continue to grow and divide. Gradually it leads to a mass of abnormal cells which grows out of control.

Symptoms of Cancer

The symptoms of cancer are of varied nature and it mainly depends upon the location where it occurs in the body. It also depends, where it has spread and the size of the tumor. Main symptoms of the cancer are not so specific. It includes:

1. Unintentional Weight Loss
2. Persistent Fatigue
3. Pain
4. Fever
5. Chronic cough
6. Bowel changes
7. Persistent fatigue

Natural Cures and Home Remedies for Cancer

We all have cancer cells within our body. It is very necessary to treat the cancer by building the body's immune system then the body’s white cell, etc. If our immune system is high, then normal cells will not get out of control as cancer cells are weaker than the normal cells. There is no such herb, drug etc. to treat cancer. Cancer has to be treated only by building the body's immune system. Some natural ways are there which will help in building the immune system.

Increase the intake of raw foods: To reduce the effect of cancer raw foods are very helpful like fruits sprouted grains, nuts, vegetables etc. Cooked beans, bread, potatoes etc. should be avoided.

Avoid fatty diet: It is advisable to take low fat diet as high refined fats are directly associated with the risk of cancer. Breast cancer is directly related with the intake of saturated fats as well as animal fats. You must go for low fat diet because it not only prevents the breast cancer but also the survival of women who already have breast cancer.

Avoid empty calories and sugar: Empty calories, sugar and junk foods directly affect the working of the body’s immune system. So this type of food should be avoided.

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Natural Cures for Depression, Types, Symptoms and Treatment

Usually depression is related with the psychiatric disorder. In this problem a person is unable to concentrate, loss of appetite, guilt, helplessness and hopelessness, insomnia and feeling of extreme sadness. In some people these problems occur frequently or slowly and in some people this problem is consistently. For some people it becomes necessary to seek professional help. It is the illness which affects our eats and sleeps and affects our body, mood and thoughts.

Types of Depression and their Symptoms

It is related with the mood disorder that comes in different forms. Commonly there are three types of depression which are in majority.

Major depression

It is a combination of symptoms. It includes sad or irritable mood which last for 2-3 weeks. It is a symptom which interferes in eating, sleeping, ability to work and in the enjoyment of one's pleasurable activities.


In comparison to major depression, it is less severe but long lasting. It includes some chronic symptoms and thus unable the affected person from feeling good. Sometimes it takes the form of major depression.

Bipolar disorder (manic depression)

A group of mood disorders usually called manic depressive illness or manic depression. It involves a cycles of mood that include depression as well as one episode of mania.

Symptoms of depression and mania

1. Feeling of hopelessness, pessimism
2. Feeling of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness
3. Social isolation
4. Insomnia
5. Weight loss or weight gain
6. Persistently depressing, anxious, irritable or empty mood
7. Restlessness, irritability
8. Difficulty remembering, concentrating, making decisions
9. Crying spells

Natural Treatment for Depression

Exercise or Yoga: Exercise or yoga boost up our mood and it continues to get better for up to 20 minutes. It is observed that jogging for at least 30 minutes in 3 days a week is as effective as psychotherapy in treating depression. Massage therapy and relaxation and deep breathing are also very effective in treating depression.

Clarocet NRI: It is a combination effect of different types of herbs which is very helpful in relieving stress, anxiety and depression.

Meditation or Prayer: To create the capacity of problem solving and to improve our creativity, meditation is very effective technique. Meditation is nothing but an exercise, aiming to prevent thoughts in a natural way. It is performed by deeply relaxing the body physically and then trying to keep the mind completely blank with no thoughts. Only different types of negative thoughts lead to depression. So meditation helps in preventing the negative thoughts to enter our mind.

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Natural Cures for High Blood Pressure, Causes, Symptoms

High blood pressure is also known by the name of hypertension. Due to our lifestyles that we lead and the kind of food we eat hypertension is growing at an alarming rate. Let us first understand the meaning of blood pressure. In our body the blood circulates and exerts a pressure on the veins, heart chambers and the walls of arteries. If the force increases it results into high blood pressure. It also causes heart attack and the strokes as it starts the formation of plaque in the arteries. It is very necessary to control the high blood pressure otherwise it may leads to heart attack.

It is a silent disease as it is not necessary that it will show the symptoms all the time. The first or upper number reading in a blood pressure is known as systolic pressure. The second or lower number in the blood pressure is known as diastolic pressure. It is known to everyone that normal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg. In hypertension or high blood pressure the systolic pressure increase more than 160 or the diastolic pressure comes to even more than 100.


Usually there is no early stage symptom of high blood pressure. Some common symptoms are:

1. Headache
2. Nosebleeds
3. Dizziness or dizzy spells

Causes of High Blood Pressure

1. Increase in your BMI (body mass index)
2. Lack of Physical Activity
3. Stress
4. Age
5. Family History
6. Alcohol Consumption

Natural Cures for High Blood Pressure

1. To control high blood pressure, it is very important to manage the stress which has become an everyday affair.

2. Be regular in doing breathing exercises like meditation, pranayam and doing yoga exercises. It helps us to combat high blood pressure. So one cannot overlook the benefit of regular exercises.

3. A therapy is associated with the remedy for high blood pressure and it is known as Aromatherapy. According to this therapy, to get relief from high blood pressure a combination of olive or sunflower oil, lavender oil with blue chamomile should be massaged under the collarbone every night.

4. In order to control your high blood pressure, it is very important for everyone to manage their diet. Intake of fatty, starchy and oily food should be avoided.

5. Make a practice to intake cloves of garlic.

6. Supplement your diet with calcium.

7. Adequate consumption of potassium, magnesium and sodium will help in reducing our blood pressure.

8. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

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Importance of Weight Training - Achieve a Healthier and Fit Body

Weight training is a type of strength training which reduces our mass to muscles, thus developing and increasing the muscle strength. It mainly uses the force of gravity as resistance and weights as the equipments in different form. Weight training is not basically bodybuilding but to achieve healthier and a fit body.

Life is full of complexities and tensions resulting in a hectic lifestyle but one can take out time for being healthier or else why to continue working like machines resulting in flab's and poor body metabolism.

A combination of regular strength training or weight training with a controlled and rich protein diet and a brisk walk will do wonders to your body structure and lifestyle.

Reasons why weight training is important to your health are -

1. Basal metabolism is the result of working out with weights. It lets you burn increased calories thus stabilizing to normal level and also burns when you are asleep.

2. Natural degradation of metabolism can be reversed through weight training even after one crosses an age bar of thirty.

3. Endorphins which are the source of providing energy to the body are secreted at a higher rate when regularly lifting weights.

4. More than six hundred fifty muscles are present in our body and when we train them, every muscle somehow leaves a good effect.

5. Muscles endurance are increased step by step through weight training which means that you cannot lift more weight suddenly but can maintain to lift a continuous weight.

6. It is also a beneficial way by which women can tone up their body parts like buttocks, shoulders, arms, as weight training does not produce a large muscle line.

7. Natural strength and self esteem are boosted with weight training thus enhancing your confidence.

8. A relief from a lower back pain can be observed with regular training.

9. Natural healing of our body can be increased to fight against various diseases that are found in the later stages of life such as cancer by marshalling the weight training.

10. Colon cancer a major threat for many people, the threat can be minimized by weight training through increasing the metabolism of digestive system.

11. The oxygenated blood and muscles from weight training increase the blood circulation resulting a glow on your face.

12. Coordination and balance is vastly improved after some time by regular weight training.

13. An improved heart rate is observed simultaneously raising the strength of immune system.

By making some real efforts, you will be able to see a life out there that is worth living. All you need is just an hour each day of workout. Eat right, weight train and do cardio exercises and in no time you will see yourself become a much stronger person.

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Wound Natural Home Remedies and Treatments

Wounds are common problem that may occur to anyone at any time. The major symptoms of wounds are bleeding due to cut or opening in the skin, pain, and presence of exposed tissue. The best home remedy for wounds is to prevent them from getting infected as once they are infected, not only do they harm more, they may delay the healing process.

Home remedies for wounds are widely used as a first aid to prevent infection and to get relief from pain and discomfort. In this article, we are going to discuss some simple and useful home remedies for wounds.

Home Remedies for Wound

1. Camphor (kapur) - Sprinkle camphor powder on the affected region to fight blood loss, inflammation and pain and to avoid degeneration of the wound.

2. Alum (phitkari) - Apply alum powder at the area of the injury to arrest blood loss and give antiseptic cover as well. Alum is a very common home remedy for wound.

3. Margosa (neem) - Apply smoke from the leaves of the neem tree onto the open wounds. It is a useful home remedy for wounds and acts as a natural antiseptic and insecticide.

4. Turmeric (haldi) – Turmeric is one of the widely used home remedies for wound. It has natural healing properties. Take a glass of hot milk mixed with approx. half teaspoon turmeric powder in case of an internal wound or injury. This will prevent any complication arising from any hidden blood loss inside the body.

5. Margosa (neem) - Soak 50 grams margosa leaves in 500 grams of cow's ghee (clarified butter) and heat slowly. When the leaves turn black, stop heating and blend them together to make a paste. Apply this paste on the wound. This home remedy gives quick cure from any type of wound, acute or chronic.

6. Indian gooseberry (amla) - Crush the fruit of Indian gooseberry to extract the juice. Take approx. 50 ml of the juice twice or thrice a day.

7. Musturd (sarso) oil - This oil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties and is widely used to prevent any infection. Warm some turmeric in mustard oil and apply on the affected region. This will help in treating pain and swelling resulting from a wound. This also prevents blood loss from the affected region.

8. Margosa (neem) - Boil 100 grams neem leaves in 500 grams of water for 10 to 15 minutes. Allow the solution to cool and then filter it. Now wash the wound with cotton dipped in this water. This is a valuable home remedy for wound to heal quickly. Before applying the solution, wash the affected area with this water.

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