Sunday, March 22, 2009

Natural Remedies for Common Childhood Ailments

Children are the most precious gift for both mother and father. Everybody wishes to take the best possible care of their children. There are some common ailments like nappy rash, chapped skin, sunburn, cough, toothache etc. which puts parents into worries and take away their sleep. This article discusses how aromatherapy can be helpful in treating these common ailments.

1. Nappy rash and sore chafed skin

Commercial baby oils are made with mineral oil, which can eventually be drying to delicate skin on other hand sweet almond oil is much kinder. To make aromatherapy baby oil, add four drops of rose or camomile oil to 4 fl oz (100 ml) of sweet almond oil. This is very soothing when stroked on nappy rash or irritated skin.

2. Chapped skin

Because children are always in a hurry they don’t always dry them properly. This can lead to chapped, sore skin, especially in winter. Add six drops of benzoin or myrrh oil to carrier oil and rub into the affected areas several times daily.

3. Sunburn

However careful you are with protective creams and lotions, sometimes a little patch of skin seems to burn. Apply neat lavender oil if the area is small. For larger areas, make up a spray by adding 12 drops of lavender oil to ½ pint (300 ml) of cold water. Spray the affected areas as needed. This is really good for sore skin because it is very soothing and avoids having to touch the affected area.

4. Coughs

Add three drops of eucalyptus and three drops of thyme oil to 4 fl oz (100 ml) of carrier oil. Massage, or rub, it into your child’s chest and throat. These oils are also helpful when inhaled in steam and you can use them in a vaporizer in your child’s bedroom at night. Simply place it beside the bed.

5. Toothache

The old remedy for toothache – oil of cloves – is helpful to get relief from pain. It has an anesthetizing effect on the nerve, lessening pain and bringing a lot of relief until you can get your child to a dentist.

Dip a cotton bud in neat clove oil then apply to the offending tooth. Repeat as necessary. For a teething baby, rub the sore gums with a little neat camomile oil several times a day.

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